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Since 2007, PreciStat has been the eyes for America's leading meat packing companies, hospital chains and quick serve restaurants, helping them provide you with hygienic and efficient products and services. We process all your video feeds by running them through the most appropriate analytics, filter out the false alarms, extract the most important segments through expert review to deliver actionable intelligence in real-time".

PreciStat uses live video monitoring to help businesses in two ways:

1.Optimize productivity and enhance safety of operations through performance monitoring – Video Auditing

2.Secure their facilities through video surveillance – Video Surveillance

Video Auditing – Ensuring peak performance, every time all the time.Since 2007 the company has been providing video auditing services to some of the global leaders in food processing, fast food and healthcare verticals. Video both live and saved, triggered of various electronic triggers such as motion sensors and machine data work together to record relevant activity. Our highly trained reviewers evaluate various business processes and provide real-time feedback and metrics regarding productivity, hygiene and safety on a 24/7/365 basis.

Video Monitoring - VDOintel, a service from PreciStat, enhances security through off site “Live Video Surveillance”. By blending in a judicious mix of video analytics and professionally monitored video, VDOintel extracts compelling value from surveillance systems by converting a passive investigative tool into a pro active system that can Detect, Alert and Prevent most issues. Demonstrably more effective than simple recording cameras and far less expensive than additional guards, VDOintel acts as a force multiplier to existing security teams by directing them to potential issues in a prompt manner and assisting them in avoiding false alarms. We are the ONLY monitoring company that provides proactive protection through true continuous, LIVE monitored surveillance cameras backed by our proprietary PreciLytics ™ analytics technology.

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    one of the Nations’ largest hospital serving more than 7M people

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    150 year old company engaged in food & industrial products and services with $120.4B revenue

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    one of the world’s largest beef and pork processing with a $7B revenue

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