Case Studies

Health Care

  • About the client – Medical Practice with two clinics in Lake Wells & Hanes City, Florida

    Business Requirement/Problem Statement This rapid expansion however put a tremendous pressure on his ability to meet demand and faced the requirement to expend a considerable amount of money on building a team without visibility into the long term prospects of the business or the products.

    The Solution The active management and collection of past due accounts, or Accounts Receivable – by systematically contacting patients and third party payers – resulting in greater profitability and increased cash flow and the client office staff are relieved of the responsibility of serving as “collection” agents to the patients. Additionally, real-time insurance verification, using technology to complete surveys in time, save exam room time creating space for new appointments, tracking and monitoring gaps with regard to HEDIS & MRA including real time actions, follow-ups have yielded better economic incentives along with great efficiencies to delivery increased volume of business with lesser man power.

    The Impact The practice gained over $250,000 in cost savings in the last one year as direct result of PreciStat’s involvement in the revenue cycle and practice management.

    Revenue growth Increase of appointments 25% more in Q4vsQ1 & 51% more in Q4vsQ3.

    Fax queue More than 3000 documents assigned in time to date.

    Insurance verification A total of 334 gaps identified in a month.


    AR Tracking & Monitoring 53% of the AR collected in a running month.

    Billing & Coding Zero errors on HMO billing till date.

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