"At PreciStat, we convert domain knowledge into business solutions, which can simplify the operations of our clients. We work in close collaboration with our clients to develop solutions that solve their business problems." 

Our product portfolio consists of cloud based platforms that address common operational challenges faced by most enterprises

Our Product Portfolio

PreciCAP is our integrated Windows-based solution for image and data capture which streamlines the entire capture process by providing the capability to have independent stations for scanning, image processing, data entry and data verification.

PreciCAP allows workflow customization, and separate work queues are maintained for each process so that ongoing work can be monitored. 

- Our technology solution, PreciCAP, an integrated SaaS-based solution for image and data capture
- Automated rules-engine to enforce business rules as dictated by end client
- Ability to achieve100% accuracy of data
- Double key entry followed by independent correction of claim forms or any other bills.

A simple and elegant project management and time tracking product that will empower accurately execute their customer jobs within the prescribed time and resource budgets. The tool lends itself elegantly to both project based as well as transaction based.

Platform Capabilities
- PreciWork has been developed as a unified platform that combines elements of project management well as effort and time tracking that will facilitate   both schedule adherence as well as generate costing information in real-time.

- The product is quite scalable and can handle multiple departments working on various projects with simple dashboards to monitor progress as well as   keep track of input costs for invoicing as well as compensation purposes.

VDOintel acts as a force multiplier to existing security teams by directing them to potential issues in a prompt manner and assisting them in avoiding false alarms.

Platform Capabilities
- VDOintel VMS platform was developed exclusively to blend in powerful analytics, real time monitoring, automated escalation and remote deterrents like sirens, strobes, public address systems etc.

- In addition to giving access to several state of the art video analysis tools, it also enables the customer to view live and saved video, send messages, view monthly activity summary, access archived video clips etc. It also has several built in security features to prevent unauthorized access.

Leverage our modular ERP platform to either address specific business aspects or seamlessly manage your entire business – the choice is yours. The range of applications can help you better manage every aspect of your business in a precise manner to maximize efficiency and drive profitable growth.

- HR &Payroll - Document Management - Inventory Management - Accounting Management - Management - Spa& Saloon Management software's

NoQ, is the first name in queue and waiting elimination solutions
NoQ! stands for No Queue and it replaces physical lines and waiting rooms with virtual mobile phone queues. 
Customers can simply enter the virtual line from their cell phones by sending a text message to a dedicated number after which they are free to go about their daily routine instead of waiting in a physical line.

How Does It Work
Step 1: Customer sends SMS to NoQ
Step 2: Customer relaxes at home/takes care of errands.
Step 3: NoQ sends alert SMS and also reminds with auto updates
Step 4: Customer walk in Just in time For immediate Service

A cloud based Movable Asset Management Platform that helps fleet owners track and manage their fleet operations more efficiently. preciFleet vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring capabilities deliver operational efficiencies, theft prevention and driver safety though our proprietary real-time data capture and automated alerting system that that leverages state of the art GPS devices, fuel sensors and vehicle diagnostic technologies.

Smart Solutions to track all movable assets
- Vehicle Tracking
- Fuel /Cargo Monitoring
- Driver Safety and Efficiency Management = Reduce Accidents + Increase fuel efficiency
- Scheduling and Operations Management = Increase utilization of fleet and personnel
- Vehicle Data and Video Recording
- High Value product authentication, tracking and inventory management
- Control room services to track your operations and people in real time adhering to your business rule