Case Studies

Call Center

  • Call Center – Voice/email/chat for Debit Card Company

    About the client – A Leading U.S. online payment processing company with more than a 1.2 million card holders

    Business Requirement/Problem Statement

    Prior to PreciStat stepping in, was using a outsourced call center located in Florida, U.S however client was not satisfied with the QoS (quality of service) nor the costs associated with this call center.

    The Solution PreciStat formed a team of 44 agents dedicated exclusively to respond to the clients end users providing inbound customer service via voice, email and chat. Some of the highlights of the process transition accomplished with within a month of signing a contract before going live were: a. 44 agents screened , hired and trained for the process , b. entire technology infrastructure (maiden venture for PreciStat ) set up and c. no pilot project was undertaken; hard switch from Florida based call center to PreciStat at overnight.

    The Impact
    - The client achieved significant savings by reducing operating costs to the tune of 48% a $1.1 M USD savings annually
    - Reduction of average hold time from 4 minutes to less than 20 seconds
    - Email turn around improved from 48 hours to less than 12 hours.

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