Case Studies

Book Keeping

  • About the client – Business Development specialists serving more than 300 charter schools

    Business Requirement/Problem Statement Our client was founded as a social venture in 2001 to develop, support and advance quality charter schools by delivering high-value support services and expertise. The firm began drawing up the business plan to establish its vision to serve more than 300 charter schools. Prior to partnering with PreciStat Data Services Inc., our client was managed by combination of temporary and permanent bookkeepers which created lot of retention issues and high costs of in-house professional services.

    Clients Operational Challenges

    • - Handling lot of paperwork
    • - Turnaround Time
    • - Capacity Management for peak load

    Technology Suggestion to client On NetSuite’s platform, our client has created the cloud hosted accounting model for its existing practice expertise and Box as their depository. This enabled client to grow rapidly with technology to create scalable solutions empowering businesses to thrive.

    Scope of Work The services included Accounts Payables, Daily Deposits, Credit card Statements, Weekly Cash updates, Monthly bank &CC Recon, Payroll Processing, Re-Classification and others.

    Quality criteria and our performance This is an ongoing project where we are managing the entire accounts function and the quality criteria is 99 % and above consistently.

    -Trained Six-Sigma Quality resources always on the lookout for continuous improvements.

    -We have always met all the SLAs in terms of turnaround time and also quality levels.

    -Any new and other special tasks were taken up at short notices and delivered to the client expectations and requirements


    -Client could focus more on direct sales and other Core functions

    -Staff and related expenses was cut down significantly

    -Faster Turnaround Time

    -Seasonal load managed efficiently

    -Absolute redundancy in terms of BCP (DR)

    Considering 12 full time equivalent (FTEs) engaged and dedicated for 8 hours/day at our service center for meeting the client deliverables, the client’s Net Annual Savings would equate to at least $600K if not more.

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