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    End to End Business Management for a e-commerce Client

    About the client – A US e-tailer of eco friendly furniture
    Our client started of as a small business selling eco friendly furniture through the web and fortunately experienced rapid growth due to the popularity of the innovative designs they had to offer and we are proud of playing pivotal role in their success..

    Business Requirement/Problem Statement This rapid expansion however put a tremendous pressure on his ability to meet demand and faced the requirement to expend a considerable amount of money on building a team without visibility into the long term prospects of the business or the products.

    The Solution PreciStat customized the service offering so as to provide a unique blend of skills necessary to tackle the myriad set of challenges that any startup on a fast growth trajectory would encounter. A few of these functions ranged the gamut from manufacturing and inventory management, customer service, order processing, fulfillment, return merchandise processing, billing and accounting.

    The Impact This is when team PreciStat stepped in to provide end to end full cycle business management services on a strictly "pay as you go" pricing model empowering the client to manage his cash flow extremely efficiently paving the way for success. The icing on the cake was that PreciStat’s pricing worked out to be less than half of what the client would have spent on a in house team and moreover in most instances the services were turned around overnight. PreciStat practically runs the entire business while the client focusses solely on the creative aspect of the product line.

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